Best Car Drying Blades UK (Reviews) 2020

Best Car Drying Blade UK

If you find that you are spending a lot of time caring for and washing your car every week or month, you may want to consider purchasing a car water blade, also known as a car drying blade.

The blade helps to whisk away any water without you having to worry about scratching the windows or paint in your car. Most also benefit as a tool that you can use on your household windows or really any surface from which you need to clear water.

They can help eliminate nasty waters spots and you can quit using rags or traditional cloths to dry your car. By using a blade, you can also help prevent scratches from any rock chips or pieces of dirt that might get caught in your drying cloth.

​Best ​Car Drying Blades in the UK Reviews

Autoglym Hi-Tech Flexi Water Blade

The manufacturer claims that this blade will cut your drying time in half, saving you plenty of time. The blade is made from medical grade silicone which means it is guaranteed not to scratch your vehicle’s surfaces.

The blade is quite flexible so you shouldn’t have to press down too hard to get rid of the water and this blade offers a patented wiping design. The rubber handle makes maneuvering the blade quite easy, even around the curves of your car.

Given the design of the blade, you really only need to wipe a few times and your car is dry. The package comes with one water blade.


  • ​Comfortable handle
  • Flexible blade


  • ​Only the option to buy one blade at a time

Verdict: Best Overall

Kent Car Care Flexy Blade

This blade offers a soft silicone blade, so you don’t have to worry about causing any damage to your vehicle. The handle itself is quite robust, but also a bit rigid. For some users, this will be okay. For others, it may prove a bit hard to maneuver around the curves of the car.

This product does remove excess water quickly and can cut down drying time in half compared with more traditional methods.


  • ​Really works and cuts down drying time
  • Soft silicone blade to prevent scratches


  • ​​Handle is pretty rigid

Hilka Water Squeegee

This blade is quite versatile. The manufacturer advertises its use on both the vehicle and for household window cleaning as well.

The blade is a soft silicon which means you can safely use it on both windows and paintwork without worrying about creating scratches.

The handle is really comfortable which makes the blade easy to maneuver around the curves of the vehicle. It is ergonomically designed so it sits well in your hand. It is a medium weight car drying blade. So, this is not the lightest option when it comes to squeegee blades, but it isn’t uncomfortably heavy and you can still move it around pretty easily.

The blade is not entirely straight which means that it has a kind of lip on both sides. This can make it a bit more difficult to get rid of all of the water on the vehicle. It can also take a bit longer to use than some of the others that made our list.


  • ​Comfortable handle
  • Soft silicon blade


  • ​​Blade is not totally straight

Silverline Silicone

This blade can be purchased as a single blade or you can buy up to three at one time. That’s a great feature given that you might want to wash your car again before a replacement blade gets delivered.

The blade is a soft silicone which means you don’t have to worry about scratches and the blade can also be used on windows and showers. The flexible of the blade makes removing water quick. However, the silicone is actually very flexible which means you do have to put a good amount of pressure down to remove the water. The grip is also nice and comfortable so you really shouldn’t have any issues maneuvering around the vehicle’s curves.

Overall, the product is pretty durable and should last you quite a long time.


  • ​Great durability overall
  • Good and comfortable grip
  • Can be purchase in multiples


  • ​​Blade is overly flexible

​​Vikan Wipe n Shine​ Squeegee

This product has a bit of a different design than the others that made our list. The overall shape of the blade is curved rather than straight. It also comes in a variety of different sizes, aside from this 450 mm size.

The blade is flexible but yet very effective at stripping the water from the vehicle. It also has a very solid, durable feel while you’re using it and it works to get rid of the water very quickly. You won’t be having to make several passes at the same area.


  • ​​Works with just one pass
  • Curved design


  • ​Can only purchase one blade at a time

​Drying Blade for Cars Buying Considerations

As is the case with every purchase, there are a few things you want to keep in mind when selecting your car drying blade. One thing you absolutely want to remember, aside from specific features below, is that you want to ensure your car is clean of any debris before using a car drying blade.

While the blade can certainly cut down on drying time, in most case by more than half, it can cause damage if your car is not clean. These tools are great for drying but make sure you aren’t dragging any dirt or rock particles with the blade as you dry. Being careful can mean you get a dry car much quicker, and without any damage.


You’ll be handling the grip of the car drying blade when you’re drying off your car. Be sure to pick one that is ergonomically designed and comfortable for you to hold and move around.

That means making sure you can move it over and around the curves of your car or truck.


Consider the size of your vehicle and then determine which size water drying blade you actually need. If you purchase one that is much too long, it is going to be very cumbersome to maneuver and won’t do you much good.

If you purchase one that is much too small, you’ll be taking twice as long to dry your car. Pay attention to the overall size of the blade when purchasing and make sure it is a good fit for your vehicle. You want to be able to handle lifting up to the hood of your car or truck as well.


You will want to determine the level of flexibility you want in your blade. Some are quite flexible while others have a bit more rigidity to them. This can be a matter of preference. A blade that is too flexible might not grab all the water while the same can be true of those that are too structured and rigid.

You want a flexibility that will be comfortable to use but that you won’t press too hard on to get rid of all the water on your vehicle. Having to press down on the blade very hard and for a long time can cause a lot of fatigue in your hands and arms.


The materials in your blade are a really significant consideration. You do not want to use anything that has the potential to scratch your vehicle. For example, medical grade silicone will not scratch while other materials will. Be mindful of the materials with which your blade is made so that you can avoid causing scratches.

Final Word

If you are someone who likes to take care of their car and have it looking its best, you are also likely washing it every week or at least every month. In all likelihood, you are spending more time drying it than you even are washing it.

You don’t want to spend all that time washing and drying your car only to have it come out with all kinds of nasty water spots on it. So, a car drying blade is the way to go. Get rid of those water spots in half the time it takes to dry your car with a cloth.

Here, we’ve highlighted the top five products on the market. Any one of these could easily be considered the best car drying blade UK has to offer. They offer different designs, with varying levels of flexibility but they will all help you get the job done. Dry your car with one of these blades and leave the water spots behind.

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