Best Car Door Protectors & Guards UK (Reviews) 2020

Best Car Door Guard and Protector UK

If you park your car in a car park, parking lot, or any other potentially-crowded area, you may be familiar with the worry of unfavorable dings and dents caused by simply opening and closing your doors. Hitting a neighboring car with your door can be costly and lead to unfavorable confrontations, but there are ways to avoid or alleviate this concern.

An edge guard or door protector could be a great first step in preventing unwanted dents or chips in other cars, and will also help to protect your car doors. In this review, we’ve highlighted the five best car door protectors and guards. These will ease some of the anxiety many car owners have about parking in a crowded lot, and will additionally protect your car as well as cars owned by others.

Best Car Door Protectors and Guards in the UK Reviews

#1. Bro Car Door Guard Edging Protector

Bro Car Door Guard Edging Protector

These car door edge protectors are fantastic for protecting around your door’s edges and trim, protecting them from causing any nicks, chips, dents or scratches. This protective edger comes in lengths of five meters that can be cut to size, and as a result, they can be used for almost any vehicle ranging from small compact cars to large trucks.

These protectors are 2.5mm thick, so they won’t jam your door or affect your door’s natural ability to close. They are resistant to wear and tear, water, corrosion, UV radiation, temperature fluctuations, and aging. Additionally, they’re great at isolating noise. These protectors can be added along the edges of the door where the door meets the body, in the external edge of the car door, and even above the window panels. They’re incredibly simple to install, and have internal metal clips lining the inside of the PVC rubber that will, along with the multiple grips, keep the guard firmly in place on your door.


  • Waterproof and UV resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Made of flexible PVC rubber
  • Universally fits most vehicle makes and models


  • Can sometimes be a tight-fit on doors - You should check with both the product manufacturer to be sure these guards will fit properly

#2. PICK FOR LIFE Car Seal Trim


If you want to protect your car’s edges, from trunk to hood and every door in between, you should seriously consider this rubber seal trim. This trim can be affixed to the hood of your vehicle, the trunk top, as well as the vertical and horizontal sides of your car’s doors. This trim features a unique design and construction. It has a built-in steel belt that helps to increase the gripping force and protective power of this trim, without making it any more difficult to install.

This edge guard is made of high-quality rubber with excellent tensile properties. It offers a great seal to your door and will resist several inclement weather conditions, such as wind, intense temperatures, heat, rain, snow, and dust. It’s also noise-proof, waterproof, and will resist aging, wear, and UV radiation.

The trim is easy to install, no glue or hammers needed. Just place it along the edges where you want it and press until it’s sealed.


  • Five meters of material to use and work with
  • Easy to install, just press on the rubber seal and it will grip to your door
  • Made of high-quality materials with good tensile properties
  • Provides a great seal that is heat, abrasion, and waterproof
  • Offers UV and wear resistance and is anti-aging


  • The white colour sometimes shows dirt easily
  • The ends should be sealed somehow once being cut to fit to prevent rusting of the internal strip metal

#3. Sumex DGP1000 Carbon

Sumex DGP1000 Carbon

If you don’t need to protect the edges of your vehicle, or if you want added protection for your vehicle from others, these Sumex DGP1000 Carbon Door Protectors might be just what you’re looking for. They can be affixed easily to the door panel of your vehicle where the most damage might occur from doors of other vehicles that you typically park near, and will offer extra support and protection from any accidental bumps, dings, or scratches from other car doors being opened beside your vehicle.

They have a sleek, modern look to them and are very attractive without being overbearing or imposing. They have a convenient, easy-to-use 3M self-adhesive for simple installation on your vehicle. While they can be attached to any vehicle, they may do best on smaller or sportier cars, as they are a bit small when compared to larger vehicles with larger doors.


  • Sleek, modern carbon look and feel
  • Easy to fix and install
  • Comes in a four-pack, one for each door
  • Has a convenient 3M self-adhesive
  • Protects doors from being bumped or scratched


  • A little on the small side

#4. Raiphy Protection Bumpers

Raiphy Protection Bumpers

The Raiphy Car Door Protection Bumpers are a fantastic addition to any vehicle that frequently needs to be parked in tight quarters, such as car parks or garages. These protective door bumpers have a durable, strong double-sided adhesive that you will use to attach them to your vehicle’s door. Additionally, they’re made to last a long time and endure very high or low temperatures without compromising the integrity of the adhesive.

These are washable and are safe to wash over while you wash your vehicle. They’re also labeled to be environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about having a damaging carbon footprint by buying and using these protective bumpers.


  • High-quality protection at a low, budget-friendly cost
  • Protects your door from small bump damages when stopping or parking
  • Universally applicable to most vehicle makes and models
  • Comes in a four-pack of guards
  • The self-adhesive back makes them easy to install


  • A little small

#5. Auto Protective Strips

Auto Protective Strips

If you drive a lot at night, or park on a dark street, you may be worried about the visibility of your vehicle as well as the safety of its doors. These protective strips cover both bases excellently - not only will they protect your vehicle from damage caused by other vehicle doors or shopping carts, but they’re extremely reflective. This makes your car much more visible at night, whether you’re in it or not, as the protective strips will reflect any streetlamp or headlamp that’s in range.

These are simple to install, coming with convenient double-sided adhesives. Additionally, they’re very flexible and bendable, so they’ll fit on any model of car. The carbon fiber is an excellent protective bumper.


  • Come in a variety of colors, allowing you to customize the look of your vehicle’s protection
  • Super reflective carbon fiber makes it stand out and increases safety in dark conditions
  • Waterproof and flexible
  • Made with environmentally-friendly materials
  • Easy installation with double-sided adhesive


  • The adhesive could be better

Guards and Protectors for Car Doors Buying Considerations

Size and Length

Your primary concern to consider when purchasing and installing a car door guard or protector is how much length you’ll need for the door trim, or how big of a protector you should buy for your door. You’ll also need to make sure that the guard or protector isn’t too thick - you don’t want it jamming up your door or jutting out too far from the side of your vehicle, which may cause unintended damage as well.


Door guards and trim guards need to be made of durable plastic, carbon fiber, or rubber materials to absorb impacts with as much efficiency as possible. Plastics and carbon fiber may look flimsy or weak, but rest assured they’re as effective at handling impact as your vehicle’s front or rear bumper. The rubber, in addition to being durable and able to handle impacts, will also be more pliable and is better adept at bouncing off of objects without leaving a damaging impact.

The Final Word

Now that you’re equipped with an idea of things to consider and look for in your potential car door protectors and guards, you can see exactly why we chose these five products to represent the best of the best when it came to protecting your car doors from bumps and scratches. Having the best car door guard or protector is extremely important to keeping cosmetic repair costs low on your vehicle, and also to help avoid having to pay for repairs on someone else’s vehicle.

  • Updated September 21, 2020
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