Best Brake Bleeding Kits UK (Reviews) of 2021

Best Brake Bleeding Kit UK

Bleeding brakes isn’t the easiest motoring job in the world, especially if you’re on your own and don’t have anyone else around to help out. A brake bleeding kit can eliminate the need to have someone else sitting in the car pushing the brake pedal while you bleed the brake valves by hand. Most kits you buy contain pumps, vacuums, hoses, connectors and all hold different levels of brake fluid.

The handheld vacuum pump included in a kit is the fastest way to bleed the fluid from your brakes and isn’t rocket science to use. If you are going to take on the task yourself, then be sure to safely jack up the car first so you can then start sucking out any old fluid or air with the tool. You will, of course, be saving money if you go the 2-person method route, however, for speed and the ability to take on the job yourself, one of our top bleeding kits for car brakes is recommended thoroughly.

Best Brake Bleeding Kits in the UK Reviews

#1. Gunson G4062 Eezibleed Kit

Gunson G4062 Eezibleed Kit

This kit contains everything you will need to bleed your brakes. One stop shopping, buy this kit and you are on our way to completing this project. It comes with a variety of different cylinder caps to fit your specific vehicle.

One of the best options on the market for bleeding your brakes, this kit also offers a number of different adaptors, so you will be sure to know this kit can work on many different types of vehicles. This works by using the spare tire air pressure to bleed the hydraulic systems. As long as you’ve got a spare tire, you’re all set.


  • One man can complete this project with this kit
  • Easy to operate
  • Contains different adaptors should you need them


  • Some materials might break and need to be replaced

#2. AOBETAK Brake Bleed Kit

AOBETAK Brake Bleed Kit

This handheld vacuum pump is a good option for bleeding your brakes by yourself without any other assistance required. It includes a variety of accessories that you can use for either automotive diagnostics or for the task of bleeding your brakes. This kit will work on either cars or motorbikes.

This kit also comes with a nice carrying bag so it is portable and you can use it in different locations as needed. All of the hoses and adapters come with this kit, so you can purchase this and get to work with everything you need to finish the task.


  • Hand-held vacuum pump
  • Cushioned handle protects your hands during use
  • Multi-functional, can be used for many difference car maintenance tasks


  • Might need to purchase extra zip ties
  • Can be hard to tell when the air is bled out

#3. 3L Hand Brake Fluid Bleeder

3L Hand Brake Fluid Bleeder Bleeding One Man Tool Kit

Next up on our list, this kit is made of plastic and can take on up to three liters of liquid! This means you can bleed the brakes on a variety of different types of vehicles, not just motorbikes. You might need more than one person to operate this kit just due to its size and how much is involved with the process. But, it’s still worth it, as this is a bigger and more efficient brake bleeder kit than many others on the market.

The quick release and locking chuk make this a very safe and easy product to use. Your hands will not cramp up. In addition to the 3 liter tank capacity, there is additional 1 liter suction tank, so this is one of the bigger kits on the market. If you are doing multiple projects or have a lot of brakes to bleed, this is the best choice for you based on its size and durability.


  • Can hold 3 liters of liquid, which is more than average
  • Easy to clean when you are done
  • Detailed instructions and safety rules are included


  • Can take on air unnecessarily due to large tank size

#4. Sealey VS820 Brake & Clutch Bleeding System

Sealey VS820 Brake & Clutch Bleeding System

This kit will let you bleed your brakes all by yourself in the same way that the professionals do it. While not quite 3 liters, this system can hold 2.5 liters of fluid, making it another option for bigger vehicles or a lot of different simultaneous brake projects. The size of the tank allows you to flush the entire system with just one fill, and you do not have to worry about the reservoir running dry.

The pressure range unit means that you can use it with ABS systems. No power source is required to bleed the brakes, and you can just fill this up and pump away, meaning this is a very easy way to bleed your brakes. This bleeding system is very efficient and you can bleed your brakes in a matter of minutes if needed. The connectors that come with this system are good to be used on most European cars, and you can always buy different connectors if you need to.


  • 2.5 liter tank can hold a lot of hydraulic fluid
  • Can be used with ABS systems
  • Operates quickly so you can bleed your brakes on the side of the road if needed


  • Can leak on occasion

#5. CESHUMD Brake Clutch Bleeding Hose One Way

CESHUMD Brake Bleeder Clutch Bleeding Hose One Way Valve&Tube Motorcycle Auto Bleeding Tool Kit

Made from aluminum rubber, you do not have to worry about this valve and tube kit wearing out. Since it is made from aluminum, it is designed to be rust resistant and prevent corrosion from any brake fluid. Smaller in size, this is a great option if you are looking to bleed the brakes on your motorbike. 

While small in size, it is very easy to use. Just connect and pump. It comes with an arrow to point you in the direction you should use to bleed your brakes. Works very well for front and rear lines, and this is the only tool you will need if you are bleeding the brakes on a motorbike. When releasing the nipple, take care to do it at the right speed so that you do not draw in extra air and create an air bubble. You do need to bring along an old bottle of your own, as this does not come with one.


  • Easy to use
  • Small and portable
  • Works on brake lines and clutch


  • Small, and not a good option for bigger vehicles

Bleeding Kit for Brakes Buying Considerations

Connectors or Adapters

Consider if you are going to be regularly doing multiple vehicles and might need additional connectors or adapters. Most kits come with standard adapters, but it’s possible you will need to special order some depending on the type of vehicle you are bleeding the brakes on. The good news is, you will only need to order the connectors once, and then you can use them over and over any time you need to bleed the brakes. 

Type of Vehicle

Really the question is, motorbike or cars? Different kits are different sizes and make sure you buy the size you need for your vehicle. If you are just doing motorbikes, a smaller kit will be sufficient. But, if you are bleeding the brakes on some bigger European cars, you will want to go with one of the options like the kit that comes with the 3.0 liter tank. Decide this up front, so that you can make sure you buy the kit that is the right size for your vehicle.

The Final Word

If it's time and efficiency you’re after when bleeding brakes, you should spend the extra money on a suitable kit. Ensure your chosen kit has connectors that will fit your bleeder valve, has a tank large enough to hold your old fluid, and the rest of it really comes down to quality. Our best brake bleeding kit pick overall is the Gunson G4062, as it is the most effective bleeder out there.

Last Updated On: February 10, 2022.

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