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Best Black Trim and Bumper Restorers UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Bumper and Black Trim Restorer UK

Many vehicles have plastic car trims. This is because plastic is highly-versatile, it’s strong, lightweight, and moldable. But it is not perfect and may need its original shine restored. Over time, overexposure to sunlight, dirt, dust, rain, road salt, and even the wind can cause the external plastics of your car to dull and deteriorate, resulting in unattractive fading and dulling.

If you aren’t a car enthusiast that cares about appearance, this may not seem like a huge deal right off the bat. But what if you had plans to sell that car? Faded exteriors lower the overall resale value of the vehicle, whether to a dealership or to an individual. But, routine trim detailing and maintenance will help alleviate this problem.

Luckily, there are plenty of products to choose from to help you keep your car looking its best. In this article, we’ll cover the top bumper and trim restoratives you can buy for your vehicle.

Best Trim and Bumper Restorers in the UK Reviews

Image Restorer Interior or Exterior Price
Meguiar’s Ultimate Black

1. Meguiar’s Ultimate Black

Top Pick


Solution Finish

2. Solution Finish

Interior and Exterior

Autoglym AG 163254

3. Autoglym AG 163254


Simoniz Jet Black

4. Simoniz Jet Black


Forever Car Care

5. Forever Car Care

Recommended Exterior, but can do some Interior

#1. Meguiar’s G15812EU Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

Meguiar’s G15812EU Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

If you’ve ever done any car care or detailing, you’ve likely seen the Meguiar’s brand boasting a quality product. The Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer boasts the same quality that you’ve come to expect and look for in a Meguiar’s product. This restorer is designed to restore all exterior plastics, vinyl, and rubbers including the bumpers, mouldings, door handles, rearview mirror housings, and windshield cowlings.

This product uses an advanced hybrid polymer technology. It seals any non-porous surface it comes into contact with on your vehicle, providing great UV protection. This helps improve its overall longevity. It won’t streak when wet and dries almost instantly to a non-greasy finish.

You only need to apply a small amount of this product to the applicator. Even with just a small amount, make sure you apply this in an open-air area to cut down on the unpleasant odour. Make sure that you’ve cleaned and thoroughly dried the areas of your car that you plan to use this on. This will produce the best results and leave your car looking fantastic.


  • Easy to use
  • A small amount goes a long way
  • Great colour restoration
  • Works great on plastic, rubber, and vinyl
  • Dries quickly, within 5 to 10 minutes


  • Unpleasant odour

#2. Solution Finish Plastic & Vinyl Restorer

Solution Finish Plastic & Vinyl Restorer

Solution Finish has also made an impressive, tough to beat restorative product to bring the life back into your car’s plastics and vinyl surfaces. It’s specifically formulated to restore your car’s original black surfaces back to its deep, rich finish without the worries of streaks or that unattractive wet look.

It does have a higher cost than most of its competition, but it’s well worth it according to many users. It uses advanced polymer technology and is also silicone-free. Instead, it uses all-natural oils to clean your vehicle.

Make sure you read the instructions before using this product, as it is designed for professional use and will stain clothing and skin if not applied correctly and carefully. Do not apply this product to glass or painted surfaces. Let the product set on your vehicle for four to six hours after application, preferably out of any potentially harsh or damaging conditions such as intense sunlight, rain, or other inclement weather.


  • Will not feel greasy after application
  • Lasts longer than most comparable restoratives
  • Can use a small amount even on larger areas
  • Great for plastic and vinyl
  • Natural oils and silicone-free


  • Higher cost than other alternatives
  • Will stain clothing and skin

#3. Autoglym AG 163254 Bumper & Trim Gel

Autoglym AG 163254 Bumper & Trim Gel

Autoglym has had this particular product out for a while now, but it still holds up and outperforms many of its competitors in terms of quality and functionality. The thick consistency of the gel is something that you’ll either love or hate, but many prefer it because it’s easier to work with and spread without having to rush through the job. This allows you to be sure you have every single inch of your vehicle’s bumper or trim covered with this product, and to be honest, you don’t need a whole lot from the bottle to work with.

This gel can be used on any external plastic, vinyl, or rubber. This includes moulded plastic bumpers, grilles, mirror cases, door handles, vinyl roofs, rubber bumpers, and more. It’s also great for textured surfaces, as the gel crawls into every crevice for optimal coverage. Additionally, since the gel is dye- and colour-free, it can be used to restore any unpainted plastics to their original colouring.

It might seem a bit pricier than its competitors, but it’s absolutely worth it considering the longevity and quality.


  • Can use a very small amount of solution; spread well and evenly
  • Lasts for approximately a month before needing reapplication
  • Helps to condition damaged trim and bumpers
  • Great for textured trims


  • May cause dizziness if used in an unventilated area

#4. Simoniz Jet Trim Restorer

Simoniz Jet

The Jet Trim Restorer from Simoniz, when used regularly as needed, is guaranteed to restore and protect your trim with a great bond to your car’s external plastics. It will also greatly reduce the appearance of scuffs and scratches.

Just be aware that it may be a bit messier to work with, and you have to make sure every bit of the solution is buffed to completion or you may see streaking.


  • When applied properly, will last weeks or even months without any fading
  • Covers a large area with a small amount
  • Provides a clean, professional look
  • Apply and buff for a new-looking trim


  • Is a bit messier than other restoratives are reported to be
  • Absolutely must buff any excess off to avoid streaking

#5. Forever Car Care Black Bumper & Trim Kit

Forever Car Care Black Bumper & Trim Kit

This is an amazing car care kit that had to make our list. The kit includes a specially-formulated soap concentrate, the dye restorative, and an application sponge. You may want to get additional sponges or cloths to apply this product, just to make sure you can get into every nook and cranny of your vehicle that needs this treatment.

This product works great for all kinds of surfaces, from plastic to vinyl and even rubber. It uses advanced polymer technology to create a secure, lasting bond to these surfaces. This creates a smooth, streak-free finish that will look attractive for months after proper application.

Once the solution is dry, it forms a protective layer that keeps the affected areas protected against water and UV rays. Additionally, it helps to repel dust and debris.


  • Offers unmatched UV protection
  • Customers report that the product lasts much longer than others when applied properly
  • Works great on plastics, vinyl, and rubber
  • Colours the plastic back to black, does not just shine it
  • Can be used on certain interior components


  • Only available in black colour
  • Areas MUST be cleaned and dried thoroughly before application

Car Plastic Restorer Buying Considerations

Avoid Silicone-Based If Possible

There are a lot of products out there that advertise a lot of the same benefits for use. You’ll find some restoratives that are oil-based and others which are liquid-based, and those are fine to use depending on your preferences and what you’d like them to do. However, silicone-based solutions will tend not to last nearly as long and will require near-constant applications to be worth it, which means you’re going to go through a lot of product.

Compare Price To Quality

Comparing the costs to the volume of the product is hardly fair – every solution on this list comes in a small bottle that can easily last you months or even years if applied properly, and an ounce doesn’t exactly sound like a large amount.

You want to primarily look at the quality the solution produces; do they leave a greasy or streaked residue? Does it actually restore and condition the affected areas or is it simply a dye? Read through any available reviews you can find and see what other customers of this product have had to say about it.

The Final Word

It may just seem like extra work, but restoring your trim and bumpers is hardly a chore under most circumstances and will greatly improve the look of your vehicle. Even if you don’t plan on selling or showing the car off, it always feels nice to have something aesthetically-pleasing to ride around in.

All of the above products are tried-and-true and are sure to meet your expectations for car care and minor detailing. If you decide to use any of the above, we hope our reviews were successful in making your decision easier and help you restore that natural shine on your trim.