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Best Automotive Multimeters UK (Reviews) 2022

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Best Automotive Multimeter UK

Whether you’re an amateur or professional mechanic, you should have a multimeter tool in your diagnostics arsenal. The best options are the digital multimeters, some of which can even connect to your smartphone for your ultimate convenience. It should also be noted that analogue multimeters have lower input impedances and are typically limited to amp, ohm, and volt readings. Digital monitors, however, can give you readings on a much wider variety of readings, from voltage outputs to diode testing capabilities.

So with all that in mind, you’ll likely want the best digital multimeter device you can find. Below is a list of the 5 top automotive multimeters tools on the market today. These multimeter tools are sure to get you the information you need when it comes to testing and checking the electrical properties of your vehicle.

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Best Automotive Multimeters in the UK Reviews

#1. AstroAI Detonate Digital Multimeter

AstroAI Detonate Digital Multimeter

This digital multimeter from AstroAI has a lot of interesting, helpful features packed into its small, lightweight frame. It is designed to measure not only the full range of AC/DC voltage but also DC current and resistance. It can also perform diode and continuity testing without a problem.

All of these functions can be achieved by using the simple twist dial. The data from all of these possible functions will be presented to you on a crystal clear LCD display with a useful backlight. That data can then be easily recorded with the data hold feature that this device also comes with.

Additionally, this unit features a convenient kickstand that lets you keep it in sight without having to actually hold it up. This frees up your hands so you can work more easily. This model also contains impressive overload protection and other safety features. Plus, it’s a testing unit as much as it is a troubleshooting unit. This is not only great for testing your car, but for training purposes as well.


  • Has a convenient kickstand
  • Very easy to use
  • Clean, clear, uncluttered backlit LCD screen
  • Capable of troubleshooting electrical issues
  • Twist-grip dial for easy adjustments


  • The backlight is blue, which some reviews state is more difficult to read than a green light might have been

#2. Neoteck


This multimeter tool is rather impressive considering its low cost. The compact, pocket-friendly design and light overall weight make this unit convenient to use no matter where you’re working, even if you happen to be on the go. It has 2000 counts, which isn’t as high as some of our other options here, but it’s reliable in its execution, and will also measure other functions. These include timing, resistance, current, and much more.

It doesn’t feature an automatic shut-off function, but it does have a low battery indicator that will alert you when your battery begins to run low on power. It also comes with additional leads and alligator clips to help give you a hands-free, convenient experience.


  • Highly reliable and incredibly accurate
  • Rubber casing provides excellent grip and added protection
  • Super bright display
  • Measures time, resistance, current, and more
  • Comes with extra leads and clips


  • Some reviewers had some issues with the continuity test mode
  • Does not have an automatic shut-off, which is a feature many enjoy

#3. Sealey MM18 Pocket

Sealey MM18 Pocket

With an attractive, low price and a neat, protective case, this multimeter shouldn’t be overlooked just for being aesthetically different and cheaper than some of the other options on our review list here.

This compact multimeter device will easily fit into most pockets, which makes it ideal for any testing you have to do while on the go. Its flip-shut lid does a great job of both storing all the leads of this unit as well as protecting the display screen. Additionally, it comes with extra test leads, so you can always be sure it’s ready to work.

This unit meets and conforms to the CAT II safety requirements.


  • Lightweight
  • Measures AC and DC voltage as well as DC current
  • Flip lid for added screen protection
  • Conforms to CAT II safety requirements
  • Comes with included test leads


  • Some reviews say that the short leads are difficult to return to the case clip and that the case clip itself is rather flimsy

#4. ULTRICS Digital LCD


With a small, pocket-sized design and a thick rubber protective sleeve, the Ultrics digital LCD multimeter tool is a fantastic piece of equipment that won’t break the bank to bring you quality you can count on.

It can measure all of the standard electrical metrics that you’d expect a multimeter tool to measure, including both AC and DC voltage, current, resistance, and continuity. It is accurate and will suit most multimeter applications. You can use it hands-free since it has a convenient pull-out stand.

This device ships with a pre-installed battery, which means that it should arrive ready to use right out of the box. However, you should keep in mind that these pre-installed batteries may have been used to test the unit before shipping, and may be low on power upon arrival, so be ready to replace them at the jump just in case. Additionally, it is a manual-ranging type of multimeter, rather than the automatic-ranging type that many prefer, so keep that in mind as well.


  • Incredibly low, budget-friendly price
  • Diode, resistance, battery, etc checks
  • Large LCD backlight display
  • Overload protection
  • Thick, durable rubber sleeve for protection


  • It is a manual-ranging type of multimeter, rather than the widely-preferred auto-ranging type

#5. TACKLIFE DM01M Multimeter

TACKLIFE DM01M Multimeter

With 6000 counts, the Tacklife DM01M stands out and does away with any need to choose a testing range. Instead, it has a full-range, accurate measurement. Any time the LED sensor goes below 40 ohms of resistance, it will emit a sound and show off an indicator light to alert you of this problem. The red LED will light up whenever the resistance falls between 40 and 60 ohms.

The large LCD screen has a backlight that also doubles as a flashlight, so you’ll always be able to see what you’re doing. It also has a built-in stand to free up your hands for working. It has an automatic shut-off, and this unit will shut itself off before it fully runs out of charge to prevent damage or overworking. It runs on the included AA batteries.


  • Accurate
  • Large range of measuring available
  • Two-year warranty with included batteries
  • Built-in stand for easy, hands-free use and convenience


  • Short probes
  • Flashlight and screen don’t seem to be able to be used independently

Car Multimeter Buying Considerations

Number of Functions

The more electrical testing functions that you can perform with the multimeter you choose, the more useful your multimeter will be for your needs. Even if you don’t plan on using all of the available functions on a daily or frequent basis, chances are that you’ll have a use for every available function at one point or another. With this in mind, it’s never a bad idea to shop for a multimeter that has more functions than you really anticipate using.

Hands-Free Operation

It can be hard to work while holding a multimeter – it limits your dexterity since you will only have one free hand to work with. Multimeter readers with kickstands, holders, hangers, or magnetic attachments can alleviate this problem, making it much easier to wield your device while continuing to work unburdened.

Display and Durability

The best advice we can give you about the display capabilities of your multimeter is that you should get one that has a digital readout. This will eliminate any guesswork in your reading, making your job easier for you. Larger display sizes are also great for units with a kickstand, since you can set it down and view it easier from a distance where necessary.

Additionally, you should choose a multimeter that is rated highly for its durability, since automotive mechanic shops can feature some rough working elements. You should look for a multimeter that has a rubber sleeve around it, or one that you can affix a rubber sleeve to, which will increase its durability in case of accidental bangs against any metals.

The Final Word

Whether you are an amateur or professional when it comes to motors, multimeters are ideal to have if you’re big on testing cars or other vehicles regularly for electrical faults or problems. They’re straight forward to use and can uncover a whole range of issues with your electrical components, presenting the numbers and measurements in a nice, easy to understand way. We recommend the AstroAI Detonate Digital as our best multimeter choice overall, however, may of these measuring units are much the same and come in around the same price, so you’ll need to browse around to find slight differences in models.