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Best Alloy Wheel Brushes UK (Reviews) of 2022

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Best Alloy Wheel Brush UK

An alloy wheel brush is specially designed to get in and about your alloy wheels without causing any scratches or damage. Because alloys need a lot of care and attention to remain in tip-top condition, you’ll want to add a brush to your detailing process for cleaning them effectively.

A good brush should be soft on the alloys, but tough enough to remove any dirt, dust or grime in those hard to reach areas. If you’re a car detailer, then you’ve probably got your tyres looking good with some tyre shine, so why not finish the job properly and have some shiny alloys to match.

Best Alloy Wheel Brushes in the UK Reviewed




Meguiar's Supreme

47cm and 37cm





EZ Detail




#1. Meguiar’s Supreme Microfibre Wheel Brush

Meguiar's Supreme Microfibre Wheel Brush

Meguiar are well known in the UK car detailing game, and this alloy wheel brush comes directly from that range. With two sizes available – medium (37 cm x 8 cm) and large (47 cm x 10 cm), the soft microfibre head is great for giving the alloys a thorough clean without scratching them.

It has a solid, durable handle and shaft so that you can get stuck right into the alloys with it without worrying about it breaking on you.

Even although it’s a little bit more expensive than other brushes, the quality is fantastic and better than a lot of the models you’ll find on the market. Plus it’s backed by a reliable name in the car detailing game, so you know that you’re not taking a gamble on some low-quality brush that’s going to break, or even worse, wreck your alloys.

Overall, although you may have to pay a little more, it’s worth every penny if you’re serious about detailing.


  • Soft microfibre head is very effective
  • Durable and well-made
  • Designed to last
  • Doesn’t scratch


  • A little more expensive, but worth it if you’re ok spending a little more

#2. LICARGO® Microfibre Wheel Cleaner

LICARGO® Microfibre Wheel Cleaner

This brush looks pretty similar to the Meguiar’s model above, with more of a toilet brush look. Don’t let that fool you though, as this is another very effective model that’s great at getting all that nasty stuff off your alloys such as dirt, dust, grime and gunk.

It also sports a soft microfibre head that’s gentle on the rims, but effective at cleaning. Just like the pick above, the handle and shaft are extremely durable and won’t snap on you when getting right in about your car rims with it.

There really isn’t a lot between this pick and the number one choice on the list. They are both pretty similar in terms of effectiveness, safeness, ergonomics, durability and price. LICARGO®  also has a well respected detailing line of equipment, giving you the confidence that although it’s another slightly more expensive brush, you’re buying into quality.

Overall another solid pick that’s up to the job, won’t cause any scratching to the alloys and is guaranteed to last.


  • Very effective
  • Won’t break with robust use
  • Safe


  • Most expensive, but still worth it in our opinion
  • Only one size to choose from

#3. Glart Wheel Brush

Glart Wheel Brush

Glart have some quality detailing microfibre drying towels on the market, with this smaller alloy brush being another nice addition to the range.

As mentioned, it’s noticeable that this brush is a little smaller than the two other picks above it, but still long enough to get into those hard to reach areas of the rims.

The bristles aren’t as soft as the 2 above microfibre material choices, but are still soft, safe and actually pretty good at getting off tougher stuff such as brake dust.

This brush is a great overall brush and doesn’t have to just be used on your alloys, it’s great for use on other things such as engine parts, radiator grilles and body parts.

The design quality of the handle and the brush itself is fantastic and does resemble the quality that you usually get with other detailing equipment from Glart. It’s also reasonably priced and comes in somewhere in between the other picks price wise.

This is a great overall brush that has some strong bristles that are ideal for other tough cleaning jobs around the car.


  • Bristles are great for those tougher spots
  • Strong handle and brush
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great for other detailing jobs


  • Maybe not as soft as other microfibre brushes, still safe though
  • One of the smaller models

#4. EZ Detail Brushes

EZ Detail Brushes

This brush looks more like a mini version of an automatic car wash, with some strong, chemical resistant bristles that are great for getting into easy to access and tougher areas. The nylon bristles are quite flexible and can adapt to any size of gap in the spokes or rims that it needs to get into without causing any scratching.

The one thing that might be a bit of a downside with these flexible bristles is that it lacks the rigidity that it needs to provide a thorough clean.

It’s also reasonably sized and has a comfortable, ergonomic handle on it so you can get to the furthest parts of the rims.

Overall it is a really good quality, well-made, strong brush, but it is the most expensive on the list and won’t provide the toughest of cleans because of the flexible bristles it has. It is however, one of the safe brushes that you can use on your alloys.


  • Flexible bristles for a safe clean
  • Can get into any area easily
  • Not going to break on you


  • Expensive
  • Not the best for tougher, more harder stuff to remove

#5. AmazonBasics Wheel Brush

AmazonBasics Wheel Brush

The final selection on the reviews list is a simple little brush that comes straight from the AmazonBasics range. There are two different sizes available – Long and Short handle, with the option of buying a single brush or pack of 2.

Like the other picks, the bristles are soft and will not cause any damage to your rims, as well as being gentle enough on car paint if you decide to use it on that.

The brush itself is good for getting into most areas, though it is a little on the chunky side design wise, meaning it’s not as good as other brushes on the list at getting into those tougher, narrower areas of the car alloys.

Although the bristles are soft, like the previous brush on the list, they may not be strong enough for removing tougher stains and dirt.

Overall a great budget option that’s ideal for casual car washers or details, but won’t give you a professional, thorough clean of your alloys


  • Cheap
  • Safe bristles
  • Can be used on car paint also
  • Well-made


  • Won’t give you a professional clean
  • Not ideal for harder to reach areas

Wheel Brushes for Car Alloys Buying Considerations


The most important part of any of these cleaning brushes is the bristles attached to it. 

Alloy brushes are similar to detailing brushes in that the bristles have to be soft enough so that they do not cause any damage or scratching of the alloys.

You also want the bristles to be versatile enough to get into those smaller, narrower parts of the rims to get into all the dirt, dust, grime or gunk that’s built up. But at the same time, you want them to be rigid and strong enough to do a good enough job of actually removing tough stuff from your alloys.

Striking a balance between having soft and safe bristles that are flexible, while still being strong enough to do a thorough clean is the key.

You’ll also want to check and see if the bristles of your chosen cleaner is chemical resistant, especially if you intend on using your alloy brush with something to remove brake dust such as an iron removal cleaner.

All the selections on our list should have safe-to-use bristles on your rims, though do note they are other factors that can cause scratching of your rims when cleaning them.


Length is quite important as you want to be able to reach the very back of the alloys without having to stick your hands all the way in. A good length handle should be a priority for every detailer or professional looking to use a brush on their car alloys.


Because of the nature of these brushes and the job they are meant to do, they need to be designed in a way that applying pressure to them on a regular basis should not cause them to break.

All our selected choices should be durable enough to use regularly and vigorously, with some of the manufacturers even offering guarantees on their models.

The Final Word

Brushes for alloy wheels are a common use amongst casual and professional car detailers as they allow you to get most of the nasty stuff off your rims without having to remove the alloys themself for a deep clean. They’re also generally quite cheap to buy, especially if they last you a long time. We’ve taken every car detailer’s wishes into consideration to present what we believe to be the 5 best alloy wheel brushes for giving a safe, thorough and value for money clean of your car rims.